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Lawyers Have Wicked Project Management Skills

I just ran across an interesting blog post on Ms. J.D., http://ms-jd.org, discussing the fact that those trained as lawyers have extremely well-developed project management skills. They can and do bring these to bear in legal jobs, but perhaps more suprisingly and, in the current economy, equally valuably, they can also carry project managment skills learned in legal environments over to almost any other kind of complex industry in which they may seek to work.

The blogger points out that those trained in law know “how to balance competing priorities (i.e., life and work or life and school) and, moreover, can see the general overarching themes (rules) of various problems (issues) that will help you solve problems (Paula Plaintiff’s claims, Defendant Danny’s defenses, and the likely outcomes of each) over and over again, back and forth, upside down and under.”

The blog post can be found at: http://ms-jd.org/combining-things-you-have-make-stuff-work-non-legal-skill-set