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Welcome to “Think Like a Lawyer!”

My name is Elizabeth Inglehart. I am a Clinical Assistant Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, Illinois, where I teach legal writing, legal research, and legal reasoning to 1L and international LL.M. students. I started this blog as a place where I can provide my law students with helpful information about learning practical legal skills that will be crucial to them as they enter the practice of law. The Carnegie Report has shown us that legal employers want to hire law school graduates who are ready to practice law effectively right “out of the box,” rather than needing extensive training from their legal employers. Law schools nationwide are responding to this mandate with an increased focus on teaching law students practical skills. Excellent legal research and writing skills are paramount among the skills that employers want young associates to possess. That’s what I teach in my course. This blog will comment on developments in the legal writing field and direct students to useful resources that will help them build these skills.

The posts on this blog are my own opinions and not those of Northwestern University or Northwestern University School of Law.