Solving Legal Workplace Problems By Using Project Management

Today’s post falls under the category of using project management in law firms and other legal workplaces and institutions. (I have blogged numerous posts on this category in the past; check posts in the blog under the Category of “Project Management for Lawyers”).

The Legal Business Development Blog,, has a recent post entitled “Eight Common Problems Solved by Legal Project Management.”

The post raises eight common problems that law firms and other legal employers face in their practices or businesses, which the blog writers assert can be solved by using principles of legal project management.

The eight problems and their proposed solutions, as discussed in the blog post, include the following (each of which is discussed in more detail in the blog post):

1. PROBLEM: Unclear, expanding or shifting objectives and scope. SOLUTION: Set objectives and define scope.

2. PROBLEM: Lack of organization. SOLUTION: Identify and schedule activities.

3. PROBLEM: Ineffective management of valuable personnel. SOLUTION: Assign tasks and manage the team.

4. PROBLEM: Budget guesstimating. SOLUTION: Plan and manage the budget.

5. PROBLEM: Failure to prevent problems before they occur. SOLUTION: Assess risks to the budget and schedule.

6. PROBLEM: Compromising quality. SOLUTION: Manage quality.

7. PROBLEM: Excellent legal work that nevertheless fails to meet client expectations. SOLUTION: Manage client communications.

8. PROBLEM: Scope-creep. SOLUTION: Negotiate change orders.


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