Aspiring Law Professors Conference on September 28

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University will be sponsoring the Aspiring Law Professors Conference, which should be of interest to anyone interested in a career as a law professor. The conference will feature speakers on both doctrinal hiring and  clinical/legal writing hiring as well as offering opportunities for attendees to participate in mock interviews or mock job talks.

The conference will be held Saturday, September 28, 2013 in Tempe, Arizona. Here is additional information about the conference, courtesy of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

“The Aspiring Law Professors Conference is designed to assist visiting assistant professors, fellows, judicial clerks, and others who are interested in a career in law teaching. The conference is targeted both at those who plan on attending the AALS conference this October and those who are still merely contemplating whether to pursue an academic career. To that end, the conference will be organized around two main events. The first, the morning session, will consist of informational presentations and panels for people at any stage of interest in academia. Our speakers include faculty from various law schools, including two Deans, who have extensive experience with hiring in the entry-level law teaching market. The keynote speaker is Professor Christine Hurt, of the University of Illinois School Of Law. We have endeavored to make sure that conference speakers not only have general interest and expertise in entry-level law teaching, but also have specific experiences relevant to aspiring law professors. Some hold advanced degrees in other disciplines; others have held VAPs or fellowship positions themselves; some have taught at multiple schools; and most have been active in the AALS hiring process as members or chairs of hiring committees.

The second event, the afternoon session, will provide those who are “going on the market” the opportunity to practice job-talks or interviewing skills with full-time faculty members from law schools around the country and receive individualized feedback. Those who will be going on the market after 2013 will learn more about how to land a teaching job through various presentations on topics such as the value of advanced degrees, visiting assistant professorships, and fellowships.

The College of Law will provide both breakfast and lunch to participants and will also arrange for a hotel near the College to provide rooms at a reduced rate. There will be no registration fee for the conference, but conference attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses. Potential attendees may find more information about the conference and register for it at”


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