New (free) iPhone App Promises to Improve Legal Writing

Legal writing is complicated because there are so many varying skills that the writer must keep in play simultaneously. I am a believer in the use of checklists to help legal writers ensure that their documents meet all the analytic and organizational needs of their audience, and I provide such checklists to my students. In fact, I will soon be posting a series of guest posts about the application of Atul Gawande’s theory from The Checklist Manifesto to legal writing.

So it seems providential that I read today about a new free iPhone app, called iWrite Legal, which is designed to help legal writers use checklists in drafting documents. The app, which was developed by legal writing professor Kathy Vinson of Suffolk University Law School, is described on Suffolk’s website as “an app designed to help legal writers improve their writing skills.  The app provides writing tips and legal writing checklists to overcome writer’s block and to thoroughly revise, edit, and proofread a legal document.”

The Suffolk website further describes the app as being “made up of 3 sections; Legal Writing Tips, Legal Writing Checklist and Additional Resources. The Legal Writing Tips section provides the user with random Legal Writing Tips. The Legal Writing checklist section allows users to keep track of their class information. The student can check off individual items and the application will store/save the data so the user will know which items they have completed. The Additional Resources Section links users to 3 different social networking sites; Twitter, YouTube and Podcasts.”

I haven’t yet had the chance to thoroughly review the app, but it’s worth a look.

The App can be downloaded at iTunes, here.


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