How to Stop Procrastinating

Law school (and law practice) is infamous for requiring a lot of work, and as we embark on a new school year, many of you may be worrying about how you will get it all done, and done on time. I have recently come across several useful sources of advice about how to avoid (or, perhaps more realistically, how to break through) procrastination.

Perhaps most directly to the point is the following helpful list of “21 Ways to Crush Your Procrastination,” from the site Time Management Ninja.

Similarly, a post on LifeHack provides thoughtful reflections on why we procrastinate, and lists 11 of the most detailed and concrete practical pieces of advice I’ve seen about how to overcome procrastination and get a job done.

Finally, the SALTLAW blog has a post about different types of faulty beliefs that tend to cause law students, in particular, to proscrastinate, and how they can break the cycle of those faulty beliefs.

Please share in comments your own best tips for avoiding procrastination.


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