Interviews with Practicing Attorneys

Law students are always eager to hear from practicing attorneys about what their professional lives are really like. With that in mind, I will soon post an interview with a mid-level litigation associate at a well-known Chicago law firm, regarding her life as an attorney there.  The interview will be posted in several installments, covering several topic areas:

* Her practice and her daily routine;

* What she learned as a beginning associate;

* Her reflections on supervising beginning associates now that she is a mid-level associate.

As I mentioned, the first of these posts will be up soon.

One of the best aspects of these interview posts is that the attorney has agreed to answer your follow-up questions — so feel free to post your questions to her in the Comments section of each post.

I hope to make this the first in a series of interviews with attorneys, so let me know in the Comments section what kind of attorneys you would like to see me interview, and I’ll work on it!


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