Practicing Lawyers Say Legal Writing and Research Are Most Important Law School Classes!

Among other topics, I’ll be posting items about what practicing lawyers say is important for young associates. I’ll also be posting advice about items that incoming 1Ls may find helpful to read in preparation for embarking on the law school adventure.  Today I’m posting about a piece that speaks to both those topics.

The ABA’s Student Lawyer Magazine recently published a piece in question-and-answer format where lawyers respond to real student questions. As a legal writing professor, I particularly like the first question. When asked whether any particular law school classes proved especially useful when the attorneys began practicing, the responder answered that legal writing and research, both basic and advanced, are the most important classes law students can take to best prepare for practice.  No argument from me there!

There are also many, many other interesting and useful questions and answers in the piece. Questions include: “What do you like most about your job? Least?

“What is the most effective way to get a job?

I am interested in hearing about an attorney who is married and/or has children and how such an attorney manages work and family at the same time.

Do you really have to drive yourself into the ground the first few years of practice to make it?

The piece also addresses a number of other questions that I’m sure are on the minds of most law students. It’s definitely worth reading!

Here’s the link:


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